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  • Faber Castel 26 Piece Pitt Graphite Tin Set

    • What is it? Faber Castell Pitt 26 piece Graphite Set
    • Why use them? Designed for the true art lover, experienced or learning!! This set will inspire all to start drawing, sketching and painting! The Set Faber-Castell's PITT Graphic range provides all creative artists with an extensive range of pencils and crayons in different grades of hardness for sketching, graphic design and shading work.
    • From shades of grey to a work of art!! The PITT Graphite Pure leads are ideal for creating contrasts and shading extended areas. These pencils offer unparalleled possibilities for spontaneous expression, creating different effects based on the pressure applied and grade of hardness. The PITT graphite crayons are an ideal and very economical medium for working on very large sketches and areas.
    • Where is it made? Made in Germany
    • What is in the box? 7 x Castell 9000 graphite pencils (2H, 2B, B, HB, 4B, 6B, 8B) 3 x Castell 9000 Jumbo graphite pencils (2B, 4B, 8B) 3 x Graphite Aquarelle pencils, water-soluble (2B, 4B, 8B) 3 x Pitt graphite Pure pencils (3B, 6B, 9B) 3 x Pitt graphite crayons (6B, 9B) 1 x Perfection eraser pencil 1 x Plastic eraser 1 x Kneadable art eraser 1 x Dual sharpener 1 x Blending stump 1 x Sandpaper block 1 x Paintbrush

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