Emami 7 Oils In 1, 100 ml

Emami 7 Oils In 1, 100 ml

  • Emami 7-Oils-In-1 is a unique hair oil that repairs damaged skin and fights hair fall
  • Quantity – 1 bottle of 100 ml
  • Contains 7 oils: Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Walnut Oil, Amla Oil, and Coconut Oil
  • It is a nonsticky hair oil that keeps hair refreshed and ready for styling
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Emami 7 oils in one is a modern daylight hair oil that empowers women to enhance their hair & look confident. A perfect blend of 7 unique oils like argan oil and walnut oil, that help fight hair damage making them up to 20X stronger* from inside & manageable from outside all day long. This is daily use oil with a mild fragrance that keeps hair refreshed & can be used both pre & post-bath for nourishment and styling.

# ARGAN OIL: This miracle oil hydrates hair & makes it smooth & shiny.
# WALNUT OIL: Rich in potassium it makes hair stronger and healthier.
# ALMOND OIL: Has vitamins like A, B, D, and E that recondition and soften hair, making it grow strong and healthy.
# COCONUT OIL: Rich in minerals and proteins it moisturizes hair, reverses hair damage, and keeps the scalp free from flakes.
# AMLA OIL: Rich in vitamin C and minerals it prevents thinning, and premature graying & promotes hair growth.
# OLIVE OIL: It nourishes hair roots and promotes hair growth.
# JOJOBA OIL: Helps retain moisture & nutrients within the hair and prevents hair loss.


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