Good And Bad Divides The world

Good And Bad Divides The world

  • Good And Bad Divides The world




This unique dual volume booklet combines two discussions with Sadhguru, each encompassing a diverse range of topics. What emerges from these stimulating exchanges is the voice of a master – crisp, authoritative, and inspirational, offering a refreshingly new take on questions that all seekers will recognize as their own. Including material from two ashram sathsangs; Sadhguru discusses some of the most common hurdles encountered along the voyage of self-discovery. The barrier that separates us from ourselves, he says, has nothing to do with hostile elements and bad sea legs; the barrier is quite simply ourselves. Spirituality, he declares, is not about self-improvement, it is about transformation. In our second sathsang, Sadhguru suggests that we not merely dissolve habitual ways of seeing, but equally habitual ways of being. He suggests, in short, that we dissolve ourselves. “The moment you identify something as good and bad, you are just dividing the world.” – Sadhguru


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