Hem Meditation Incense Sticks – Box of Six 20 Gram Tubes

Hem Meditation Incense Sticks – Box of Six 20 Gram Tubes

  • Hem Meditation is one of the best incense popularly used by meditation and Yoga Centres
  • Fragrance: Meditation
  • Quantity: 6 hex tubes of 20g each
  • These incenses are a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances that enliven your surroundings
  • 100% natural and handmade incense sticks that create an inspirational and enthralling atmosphere and also inspire confidence, optimism, and joyfulness


HEM incense sticks are made by creating a unique blend of charcoal, essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, flowers, and resins. The combination creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell, offering you the best experience for all your purposes. HEM incense is in the form of scented and masala incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoops, and cones. These help in your prayers, meditation, yoga, and in making your environment aromatic and pleasant, thus contributing to peace and tranquility.

The aroma that spreads in the air heals the mind, body, and soul. It helps to relax, reduce mental worries, and speeds up concentration. A positive atmosphere aids in reducing depression and headaches. Majorly, aromatic incense sticks are preferred to perform religious ceremonies and meditation, which will make your environment aromatic and pleasant. Handcrafted Indian incense in a variety of fragrances that blend with every culture and tradition

Used For

  • For the spiritual or meditational purposes
  • For prayers to god every morning
  • For creating an inviting and refreshing aura


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