Hem Precious Chandan Incense Sticks – 20g x 6

Hem Precious Chandan Incense Sticks – 20g x 6

  • Hem Precious Chandan is one of the best incense popularly used by meditation and Yoga Centres.
  • Fragrance: Musk
  • Quantity: 6 hex tubes of 20g each
  • These incenses are a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances that enliven your surroundings.
  • 100% natural and handmade incense sticks that create an inspirational and enthralling atmosphere and also inspire confidence, optimism, and joyfulness


Sandalwood and a blend of oils merge their harmonies to make a warm and mellow Chandan Incense fragrance like music to the ears of the Gods. The value of incense sticks has been known in the Indian tradition from the time of the Gautama Buddha in ancient India. Ever since the glorious times of Vedic Indians, Chandan holds a venerated position. Its touch on the human body is cooling and pacifying, its fragrance is purifying.
As a puja samagri Chandan has few equals. Experience the pure tradition at your home with HEM Precious Chandan incense sticks.


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