Vaadi Herbals

  • Almond Soap 75g x 3 (Honey and Aloe Vera Extracts)

    • This soap is a scientifically chosen mix of herbal ingredients, to keep your skin soft, supple & hydrated.
    • Emollient Almond helps the skin absorb water; while humectant honey helps skin retain the hydration.
    • The skin is well-moisturized, soothed and glowing!
    • Suitable for ALL Skin Types. Each Soap s 75 grams(2.65 Ounces). You will get 3 X 2.65 Ounces = 8 Ounces = Half Pound. Also available in Pack of 6 and 12.
    SKU - VBI230

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  • Blushing Strawberry Shower Gel 300ml

    • The vitamin C rich strawberries pack this shower gel with essential nutrients, they enhance collagen production which keeps wrinkles at bay and gives a great looking, glowing skin
    • It mildly exfoliates the skin surface and clears dead and dry skin cells, thereby improving the skin quality
    • Strawberry extract is rich in alpha hydroxyl acid which helps in clearing the accumulated dead skin, revealing soft, hydrated and beautiful skin
    • Strawberries are excellent lightening agents, they help in removing the tan and dark patches on the skin
    SKU - VBI425

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  • Vaadi Harbals Amla Shikakai Shampoo 350ml

    • Shampoo enriched with the goodness of Amla, Shikakai and Reetha.
    • Infused with herbal ingredients, Vaadi Shampoo with Amla gently cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping the skin of its essential natural oil
    • Its rich lathering formula nourishes the scalp and revitalises the hair, thereby leaving them soft and shiny
    • The ingredients Amla adds volume
    • Reetha conditions and Soya Protein stops hair fall and encourages growth of hair.
    SKU - VBI189

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  • Vaadi Herbal Exotic Kiwi Soap 75g x 3

    • This crystal clear soap is an effective formulation to truly & deeply cleanse your skin; this soap owes its efficacy to the rich Vitamin C content of Kiwis & Green Apples.
    • They rid the skin surface as well as the pores of dirt, germs & excess oil; while keeping it well moisturized & pampered!
    • Kiwi: Unclogs Pores. Hydrates Skin. Adds Glow to the skin.
    • Green Apple: Cleanses, Tones & Nourishes Skin.
    SKU - VBI236

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  • Vaadi Herbal Gold Facial Kit 70g

    • Enriched with Pure Gold leaves and precious Herbal Oils & extracts, this facial kit is extremely effective in removing pigmentation marks and skin blemishes.
    • It also provides radiance and softness to the facial skin.
    • Massage Gently In Circular Motions For 5-7 Minutes.
    • Rinse Thoroughly Or Remove With Moist Cotton.
    SKU - VBI84

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  • Vaadi Herbal Luxurious Saffron Shower Gel 300 ml

    • This shower gel eliminates impurities and dirt thoroughly from your skin.
    • It gradually reduces pigmentation marks, dark and dry patches.
    • Saffron with its natural skin lightening properties improves your skin tone.
    • It also tones the skin cures allergies, itchiness and dryness.

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  • Vaadi Herbal Midnight Blueberry Shower Gel 300ml

    • It consist of blueberry extract, mint extract and olive oil
    • This shower gel is endowed with the goodness of vitamin rich blueberries that help improve skin elasticity, they have anti inflammatory properties and reduce redness and puffiness in the skin
    • They also help fight free radicals and prevent premature aging, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and help improve skin elasticity
    • These anti oxidants seep in the skin tissue and provide a shield against free radicals by neutralizing them, these free radicals cause a lot of damage to the tissues if not targeted
    • The vitamin C in blueberries helps in strengthening the blood vessels, blueberry extract is also great in controlling levels of oil in the skin and help even out skin tone
    SKU - VBI418

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  • Vaadi Herbal Moisturizing Lotion with Pink Rose Extract 350ml

    • Pink rose rebalances skin's moisture content, soothes and nourishes
    • An intensive all-purpose moisturizer, it is perfect for any skin-type.
    • This great combination of natural emollients, Pink Rose & Goat Milk, helps the skin retain its moisture content and stay well-moisturized longer.
    • Their rich multi-vitamin content penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to condition & soothe it; making it healthy and granting your skin a “velvety” feel and a “rosy” glow.
    SKU - 142

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  • Vaadi Herbal Neem Face Wash, 4 x 60 ml

    • This double-action formulation controls acne by regulating sebum (oil) production, and killing the acne-causing bacteria.
    • Neem’s anti-bacterial and astringent actions also unclog pores and prevent recurrence of acne.
    • Anti-oxidant Tea Tree Extract helps acne lesions heal faster and soothes skin, whilst its antimicrobial activity controls infection.
    SKU - VBI269

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  • Vaadi Herbal Neem Tulsi Bar Soap 75g x 6

    • Suitable for ALL Skin Types. Each Soap is 75 grams
    • ALL Naturals. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten. NO Alcohol.
    SKU - VBI228

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  • Vaadi Herbal Tempting Chocolate and Mint Soap 75g x 3

    • A double-action soap, it cleanses and deeply moisturizes your face simultaneously. The fatty acids of cocoa provide the necessary moisturizing; while mint relieves skin congestion and facilitates moisture penetration into the deeper layers of the skin; keeping your skin soft and supple
    • Chocolate or Cocoa with its heavenly aroma calms the senses while its powerful ingredients work on the deep layer level to moisturize the skin. It cures inflammations, allergies, rashes, irritations as well as dry patches by deep nourishment. The skin is velvety soft and all the more confident to be flaunted without any make up. It radiates the inner beauty with regular use of chocolate.
    • Preventing the skin from flaking and rejuvenates from within gifting a texture everyone would be envy of. Stretch marks and scars too fade away.
    • Mint improves the skin's texture, tones it and deeps moisturizes the skin. Mint is an anti-pruritic agent, which means mint's juices calm itchy, irritated skin which is suffering from any kind of allergy, inflammation or just braving the extreme heat or cold conditions.
    • Suitable for ALL Skin Types. Each Soap is 75 grams
    SKU - VBI241

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  • Vaadi Herbals Aloe Vera Facial Kit

    • ★ Kit includes: ★ Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream ★ Aloe Vera Face Scrub ★ Aloe Vera Massage Cream ★ Aloe Vera Face Pack
    • ★ ALOE VERA CLEANSING CREAM - Enriched with Aloe Vera extract & scientifically chosen herbal ingredients, this Cleansing Cream effectively removes skin impurities and excess sebum. Aloe Vera hydrates the skin, and keeps it super soft and supple.
    • ★ ALOE VERA FACE SCRUB - This uniquely designed Scrub effectively exfoliates the facial skin, while stimulating circulation, which improves the texture and softness of the skin.
    • ★ ALOE VERA MASSAGE CREAM - Enriched with Aloe Vera and numerous herbal oils this cream reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It also protects your skin from pollution and harmful UV rays
    • ★ ALOE VERA FACE PACK - Enriched with Manjistha and Aloe Vera extract, this face pack reduces under eye circles and prevents premature skin ageing. Tomato and Rosemary Oil reduce dark spots.
    SKU - VBI79

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  • Vaadi Herbals Assorted Facial Bar Soap - 25 gm each

    • Aloe Vera in this facial bar supplemented with Tea Tree extracts acts as an anti-septic agent and rids the face of acne-causing bacteria. This specialised facial soap keeps the skin problem free and gently lightens marks.
    • Blueberry Facial Bar enriched with the goodness of Blueberries along with Mint and Olive Oil helps in tightening of skin pores, keeping it firm and hydrated. Its anti-oxidant content fights wrinkles and premature-ageing, making the skin look younger with time.
    • A rich combination of Kesar, Chandan along with Orange peel is guaranteed to improve your skin complexion and smoothen the texture. This superb formulation fades dark patches and protects the skin from tanning, adding natural radiance to your face.
    • Olive Facial Bar is vitamin rich facial bar specializes in making your skin soft and glowing. While the Cane Sugar extracts mildly exfoliate and cleanse the skin, the Olive Oil moisturizes and softens it bringing out a healthy glow.
    • Strawberry Facial Bar has excellent deep cleansing properties and gently exfoliates to even out skin tone. The rich multivitamin content of Strawberry, Almonds and Grape seed helps fight pigmentation and signs of premature ageing.

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  • Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps Pack 75g

    Spread the magic and beauty of aroma with this refreshing gift pack of natural and handmade soaps, made with herbs, essential oils and fruit extracts. This collection of lusciously aromatic soaps from Vaadi Herbals is just perfect for a truly fresh, new start everyday. SKU - VBIASBS

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  • Vaadi Herbals Bamboo Age Defying Moisturizer Cream for face with Grape Seed Extract

    • An anti-oxidant rich composition, this moisturizer keeps your skin soft, smooth and youthful; delaying the signs of aging
    • Bamboo extract, grape seed extract
    • Bamboo extract - bamboo helps in the absorption of useful minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium into the surface of the skin and keeps the skin safe from allergies and irritation
    • Grape seed extract - the skin is visibly firm and glows with health
    SKU - VBI530

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  • Vaadi Herbals Blueberry Lip Balm 8 X 10g

    • A treat for your lips as well as your taste buds.
    • This superbly effective skin nourisher, along with its unique blueberry flavor is bound to keep your lips soft and supple; while granting them protection from sun and other elements.
    SKU - VBI121

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  • Vaadi Herbals Breezy Olive & Green Apple Shower Gel 300ml

    • This uniquely innovated shower gel moisturizes skin and helps improve overall skin quality, the olive extract has antiaging properties and is excellent for dry and parched skin
    • It deeply gets absorbed in the skin and hydrates and rejuvenates the skin
    • Green apple extract in the shower gel nourishes the skin with all kinds of vitamins and brings life to it also protects the skin from damage due to sun and pollution while cleansing it
    • Its extract nourishes and revitalizes the skin thoroughly, a softer, more supple skin is uncovered which is flawless in look and tempting to touch
    • Green apples also whiten the skin by clearing off marks and blemishes
    SKU - VBI421

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  • Vaadi Herbals Cold Cream 150 g

    • A special composition that both protects and beautifies your skin, while moisturizing it
    • Almond oil, aloe vera extract, honey, vitamin e
    • Almond oil - almond oil due to its high nourishing ability makes hair smoother, preventing hair fall and split ends
    • Aloe Vera extract - aloe vera is a perfect healer as it restores skin's suppleness in a non-abrasive natural way
    • Honey extract - honey ensures that the lips retain the natural moisture and do not look dry or chapped

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  • Vaadi Herbals Divine Sandal Soap 75g

    • A time-tested combination, of Sandalwood Oil, Saffron & Turmeric; this soap is your route to a fair & flawless complexion. The three herbs work synergistically to lighten the complexion, and effectively fade away sun-tan and blemishes; granting you a fair, smooth & even skin tone.
    • Sandal Oil (Chandan) : Soothes the skin making it soft & supple. Prevents pimples & rashes. Has a nice cooling effect & cures inflammations, cuts & wounds. Saffron (Kesar) : Improves skin complexion, clears dark patches & imparts glow to skin. Turmeric : Reduces skin blemishes & pigmentation marks.
    • ANTISEPTIC QUALITY: Sandal oil has an excellent antiseptic quality and cooling effect which prevents rashes, blackheads, eruptions and allergies. Cuts and wounds heal faster with application of sandal oil.
    • NATURAL SKIN TONER & ASTRINGENT: Sandal wood is a skin toner, which even tones the skin in a subtle way and imparts a glow. It’s a boon for oily skin type as it removes the excess oil from the skin surface.
    • Suitable for ALL Skin Types.

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  • Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap 75 g

    • Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap, Handmade Herbal Soap .
    • ALL Natural - Best Natural Skin Moisturizer.
    • ALL Naturals. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten.
    SKU - VBI229

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  • Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Shower Gel - 300 ml

    • The zesty Lemongrass fragrance calming your senses.
    • Quantity: 1 bottle of 300 ml
    • It boosts blood circulation, cooling skin.
    • It minimize pores and control excess oils.
    • It nourishes the skin and make it healthy from within.
    SKU - VBI42001

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  • Vaadi Herbals Face Pack, Chandan Kesar and Haldi, 600g

    • Saffron and manjistha improve complexion impart glow to the skin
    • Turmeric reduces skin blemishes and pigmentation marks
    • Vitamin e protects skin from harmful uv rays prevents skin ageing
    • Sandal removes dead skin cell and dirt
    SKU - VBI481

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  • Vaadi Herbals Facial Kit - Lavender And Rosemary Spa Facial Kit 70 Grams

    • KIT INCLUDES: ★ Lavender Rosemary Cleansing Cream ★ Lavender Rosemary Face Scrub ★ Lavender Rosemary Massage Cream ★ Lavender Rosemary Face Pack
    • LAVENDER ROSEMARY CLEANSING CREAM - A luxurious blend of aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary, this cleanser gently rids the face of excess sebum (oil) and impurities. The Anti-septic & Anti-toxic properties of its ingredients, further helps soothe inflammation and keep acne under control. Directions: Apply on the face & neck & massage gently in circular motion for about 5 minutes. Remove with moist cotton.
    • LAVENDER ROSEMARY FACE SCRUB - This unique scrub with aromatherapy oils, gently but effectively exfoliates the facial skin; by removing the dead skin cells from the surface, to reveal a fresher look. Lavender & Rosemary also penetrate into the skin to remove deep pigmentation marks and blemishes; leaving you with smooth, clear, spotless skin. Directions: Moisten face & neck. Massage scrub gently in circular motion with upward strokes. Wash off & pat dry.
    • LAVENDER ROSEMARY MASSAGE CREAM - Lavender & Rosemary with other aromatherapy oils, prove extremely effective as anti-aging agents. Their astringency firms up the skin, while regenerative property boosts cellular renewal process. You are left with a skin that is vibrant and youthful. Directions: Apply all over the face & neck & massage for 15-20 minutes in circular motion with firm upward & outward strokes. Massage till cream gets completely absorbed into the skin.
    • LAVENDER ROSEMARY FACE PACK - Aromatherapy oils of Lavender & Rosemary together fight wrinkling and sagging of the skin with the anti-oxidant benefits. With additional complexion enhancing properties of Manjistha, your skin is left looking young & radiant! Directions: Apply a thick layer evenly all over face & neck & leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse off with water.
    SKU - VBI90

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  • Vaadi Herbals Facial Kit - Skin-Polishing Diamond Facial Kit 70 gm

    • KIT INCLUDES: ★ Skin-Polishing Diamond Massage Cream ★ Skin-Polishing Diamond Face Pack ★ Skin-Polishing Diamond Cleansing Cream ★ Skin-Polishing Diamond Face Scrub
    • Skin-Polishing Diamond Massage Cream - An excellent massage cream made of Saffron Extract and Diamond Bhasma, it provides complete nourishment to the skin.
    • It also contains Almond Oil and Wheat germ Oil which helps the skin to maintain and retain its moisture level and deeply nourishes the skin. Diamond Powder, Saffron Extract, Almond Oil & Wheat germ Oil.
    • Skin-Polishing Diamond Cleansing Cream - Combination of Diamond ash and orange oil helps to purify skin. The exclusive blend of minerals and Essential Oils gently removes excess Oil and Impurities. This cleanser Hydrates, Nourishes and Protects your Skin, leaving it refreshed. Diamond Powder, Orange Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin-E and Honey.
    • Skin-Polishing Diamond Face Scrub - Infused with extra fine natural Diamond Powder and Walnut shell powder, this scrub gently removes dead and dry skin cells and impurities from the top layer of your skin. Revealing smooth, soft and luminous skin underneath. Diamond Powder, Walnut Shell Powder, Almond Oil and Orange Peel Powder.
    • Skin-Polishing Diamond Face Pack - This unique complex of high powered Diamond powder combined with Honey wax gives natural lustre and youthful radiance to the skin. It further helps to reduce dark spots, wrinkles and fines lines on the skin. Leaving your skin well polished and luminous. Diamond Powder, Honey Wax, Jojoba Oil and Ripe Papaya Extracts.
    SKU - VBI368

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  • Vaadi Herbals Fairness Cream 30g

    • Saffron lightens and softens skin, adds glow
    • Turmeric fades marks, evens the skin tone
    • Marks & blemishes lighten; and your face is left supple & flawlessly fair

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  • Vaadi Herbals Heavenly Lavender & Rosemary Shower Gel - 300 ml

    • It consist of lavender extract and rosemary extract
    • Lavender and rosemary shower gel is specially formulated to rejuvenate and replenish dull and parched skin with essential nutrients
    • This gel makes bathing a spa like experience at home with its calming fragrance, lavender and rosemary together help boost the blood circulation, relieving congestion and puffiness in the skin
    • Lavender regulates the production of oil by the sebaceous glands thereby guarding the skin from pollution and infections that may harm the skin
    • Another very important property of lavender extracts is the ability to promote cell regrowth
    SKU - VBI417

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  • Vaadi Herbals Instant Glow Face Pack, Almond and Honey, 600g

    • Almond gives instant glow and shine
    • Honey improves the quality of the skin
    • With its regular use, the tone and texture of your skin are enhanced considerably
    SKU - VBI479

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  • Vaadi Herbals Lavender with Rosemary Extract Shampoo - 350ml

    • Ultra nourishing care, for even extremely damaged hair, this therapeutic shampoo repairs the cuticles and strengthens the roots, to give you super soft, shiny and healthy hair
    • Lavender: Improves Hair Texture and Growth
    • Rosemary: Conditions & nourishes damaged hair
    SKU - VBI19101

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  • Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Gift Set - Pack of 24 X 10 gm

    • 5 Pack of Mint Flavor - 5 Pack of Blueberry Flavor - 5 Pack of Lychee Flavor - 5 Pack of Strawberry Flavor - 5 Pack of Orange Flavor. Anyone of the flavour should be only 4 in Count, remaining flavours are 5 in Count. It comes randomly. Beautiful look of the Gift Set makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentines Day or a Birthday. Try it Once you will LOVE it EVER.
    • Lychee is highly rich in Vitamin C, Selenium, Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin B complex. Vitamin C keeps the lips safe from external factors such as pollution, extreme weather conditions, allergy, dryness and bleeding and makes the lips softer. The most important ingredient found in Lychee is Oligonol. This contains anti-influenza action and several important anti oxidants.
    • Strawberry Extracts are rich in alpha-hydroxy acid which helps in clearing dead skin accumulated on the lips, revealing soft, rosy pink and beautiful lips. Also, strawberries are excellent lightening agents. They help in removing the tan and darkness from the lips yielding renewed and shiny lips.
    • Blueberries are high antioxidant and phytochemical carriers. These anti oxidants seep in the skin tissue and provide a shield against free radicals by neutralizing them. These free radicals cause a lot of damage to the tissues if not targeted. Blueberries fight early signs of aging and keep lips young, pink and supple.
    • Rich in Vitamin A and salicylic acid, mint reduces excess oil by regulating it wherever most necessary and strengthens the lip tissue making it less prone to breakage, dryness and the unpleasant chapped look we hate. Mint, acting like a soothing scrub, clears up the dead cells that gather around the lips making them dark.
    SKU - VBI475

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  • Vaadi Herbals Lychee Lip Balm 6gms (Pack of 10)

    • An excellent combination of herbal ingredients, this lip balm tempts you with its flavor
    • Quantity: Pack of 10 of 6 grams each
    • It grants health and beauty to your lips; while keeping the skin well-protected!
    • Pigmentation, spots and any kind of abnormalities are removed with a regular use of Lychee on the lips.
    • Shea butter in this lip balm vanishes dark spots within few applications.
    SKU - VBI248

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  • Vaadi Herbals Mint Lip Balm -10 gm

    • An excellent combination of herbal ingredients, this lip balm tempts you with its flavor
    • Quantity: Pack of 5 of 10grams each
    • It grants health and beauty to your lips; while keeping the skin well-protected!
    • Mint reduces excess oil by regulating it wherever most necessary and strengthens the lip tissue making it less prone to breakage, dryness
    • Honey keeps the natural moisture intact while nourishing lips and Vitamin E makes lips more beautiful, soft and well protected.
    SKU - VBI120

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  • Vaadi Herbals Nail and Cuticle Oil with Jojoba Oil, 10mlx3

    • An Excellent way to moisturise and condition the nails and cuticle area.
    • It mainly strengthens thin, weak nails by treating damaged cuticles at the root.
    • It also prevents cracking and peeling of cuticles, making them smooth and nourished.
    SKU - VBI266

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  • Vaadi Herbals Natural-Under Eye-Cream 30 g

    • Natural Moisturizer, Improves Skin Complexion and Excellent Emollient:
    • A powerful antioxidant that prevents skin ageing & wrinkling. Nourishes under eye area
    • Cools the delicate skin around the eyes. Reduces puffiness of the eyes
    • Provides freshness making you look younger
    • Rich in Vitamin A & D that remove dark under eye circles and improve complexion
    SKU - VBI20

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  • Vaadi Herbals Orange Lip Balm - 10 gm

    • Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Orange & Shea Butter contains pure orange oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.
    • Orange Oil facilitates skin renewal beautifying lips, making them plum and pink.
    • Shea butter safeguard the lips from environmental hazards- sun, pollution, infections and also helps the skin on lips to breathe and absorb the best of all ingredients.
    • Jojoba Oil provide lips high level of nutrients & moisture and also removes dryness and cures chapped lips.
    • 24*7 moisture cover
    SKU - VBI6

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  • Vaadi Herbals Papaya Face and Body Moisturizer Cream

    • Multi-vitamin rich, this cream breathes new life into your skin. Its rich anti-oxidant content fights aging; keeping skin supple and elastic.
    • It fights wrinkling and promotes cell-growth. Its regular use is bound to keep your skin forever youthful!
    • BEAUTIFUL SKIN IS HEALTHY SKIN - Our cream contains every Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Mineral and Amino Acid your skin needs to FIX itself! HYDRATE and RESTORE the skin, pH balanced for face, eyes and body as well.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. All naturals. No harsh chemicals. No Cheap Fillers. No Petroleum. No mineral Oil. No detergents. No animal testing. No Parabens. No alcohol. Non-Allergenic.

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  • Vaadi Herbals Pedicure Manicure Kit -135 Grams

    • KIT INCLUDES: ★ Foot Cleanser ★ Foot Scrub ★ Foot Cream ★ Anti Tan Foot Mask ★ Nail and Cuticle Oil
    • ★ FOOT CLEANSER This scientifically designed foot cleanser is enriched with numerous herbal ingredients that effectively cleanse your skin and improve blood circulation. It imparts a cool feeling which relieves stress and fatigue.
    • ★ FOOT SCRUB This uniquely designed foot scrub scientifically uses precious herbs & scrubs, to effectively exfoliate dead foot tissues & rejuvenates the rough & damaged foot skin. Makes your feet super soft & supple.
    • ★ FOOT CREAM A scientifically designed foot cream that repairs & softens rough, hard & cracked heels. Clove Oil has antiseptic properties that disinfect your feet. Cocoa Butter & Jojoba Oil deeply moisturize your feet making them super soft. Sandalwood Oil soothes & relaxes tired feet.
    • ★ ANTI TAN FOOT MASK This uniquely designed Anti Tan Foot Mask is enriched with anti tan and skin rejuvenating agents that effectively hydrate and repair damaged foot skin. Removes pigmentation marks and signs of ageing.
    • ★ NAIL & CUTICLE OIL Effectively moisturizes and conditions the nail wall and cuticle area of the nail. It prevents cracking and peeling of cuticles, making them soft and smooth. It strengthens thin weak nails by treating dry damaged cuticles at the root.
    SKU - VBI115

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  • Vaadi Herbals Refreshing Lemon and Basil Shower Gel - 300 ml

    • This shower gel is a vitamin C tonic that detoxifies, tones and brightens up the skin while cleansing it, the acidic nature of lemon makes it useful as an astringent or toner and also as an anti microbial
    • Additionally, it has a lightening action on dark spots caused by sun damage, aging or acne, as a toner it controls skin’s oiliness and restores the natural pH balance and also soothes mild skin rashes or redness
    • Removes impurities and dead cells, the basil extract helps clear the skin surface as well as pores of dirt and grime
    • Excess oil and germs, basil works from beneath the skin's epidermal layer also improves the skin tone and texture
    SKU - VBI41901

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  • Vaadi Herbals Sandal Saffron facial Kit 70 g

    • Saffron sandal cleansing cream
    • Saffron sandal massage cream
    • Saffron sandal face pack
    SKU - VBI81

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  • Vaadi Herbals Silver Facial Kit 70 g

    • ★ KIT INCLUDES: ★ Silver Cleansing Cream ★ Silver Face Scrub ★ Silver Massage Cream ★ Silver Face Pack
    • ★ SILVER CLEANSING CREAM - Pure silver dust & numerous herbal extracts cleanse away all dirt & impurities from the skin surface, while keeping your skin soft & supple.
    • ★ SILVER FACE SCRUB - Enriched with Pure Silver dust & other minerals, this uniquely designed scrub completely removes dead skin cells, & effectively exfoliates the facial skin. It is a powerful antiseptic & soothing to the skin.
    • ★ SILVER MASSAGE CREAM - Enriched with pure silver dust & numerous essential oils this unique cream provides complete nourishment to your facial skin. It also reduces pigmentation marks & skin blemishes.
    • ★ SILVER FACE PACK - Enriched with Pure silver dust & rich anti wrinkle & skin rejuvenating agents like Orange Oil, Mulethi & Lavender Oil. It reduces fine lines & wrinkles & makes your skin look young.
    SKU - VBI91

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  • Vaadi Herbals Skin Lightening Fruit Facial Kit, 70g

    • KIT INCLUDES: ★ Skin-Lightening Fruit Massage Cream ★ Skin-Lightening Fruit Face pack ★ Skin-Lightening Fruit Cleansing Cream ★ Skin-Lightening Fruit Face Scrub
    • Skin-Lightening Fruit Massage Cream - This cream is formulated using pineapple and avocado enzymes that help lighten the skin tone. It also contains almond oil which deeply nourishes the skin while keeping it fair and clean.
    • Skin-Lightening Fruit Cleansing Cream - The unique blend of orange extract, turmeric and coconut milk gently removes away the tanned layer of the skin. It deeply yet gently cleanses to bring even skin tone and clarity to the upper layer of the skin.
    • Skin-Lightening Fruit Face Scrub - This orange and lemon peel scrub gently exfoliates the facial skin while maintaining its moisture balance. It also, supports skin-lightening process to prevent dark spots formation and reduce uneven pigmentation, bringing out a fairer complexion.
    • Skin-Lightening Fruit Face pack - Luxurious blend of saffron and milk combined with fruits like papaya and mandarin visibly lightens skin for a fairer and a flawless skin. With its regular usage skin regains it natural glow and smoothness.
    SKU - VBI367

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  • Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm - Ultra Moisturizer Lock Pack of 8 X 10 Gms

    • ★ This specially formulated lip-balm grants a long-lasting moisturization to your lips
    • Why do lips need special care? Biologically, lips do not have oil glands.
    • Strawberry: The cure to blistered, chapped lips Strawberry Extracts prove to be effective soothing agents for dry, chapped and blistered lips.
    • Lip-nourishing formula: Honey+Almond Oil Lips are an eminent part of the face and the body.
    • Vitamin E being an excellent anti-oxidant, cures the damage caused on lips by the direct exposure of the harmful UV rays. Vitamin E added in Lip-Balm makes it a perfect lip-care product because it not only smooth the texture of the lips, but make them all the more beautiful, soft and well protected.
    SKU - VBI5

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  • Vaadi Herbals Super Breezy Aloe Vera Soap, 75g (Pack of 6)

    • This specialized formulation of a two layered soap provides you with the combined benefits of both Aloe Vera and Honey. Its soothing property, makes this soap a must have in your cleansing regime.
    • Quantity: Pack of 6 bars of 75g each
    • Fragrance: Aloe Vera
    • This herbal soap is suitable for ALL Skin Types.
    • How To Use: Take Soap and lather it well. Apply the lather it well on the entire body and gently massage and rinse it off.
    SKU - VBI534

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  • Vaadi Herbals Value Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack, 120g x 2

    • Contains 2 packs of 120g Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack
    • Saffron is popular as a complexion lightening and have the ability to lighten acne scars and tanned, pigmented or blemished skin, and even out and moisturize dry skin.
    • Manjistha ingredient adds glow and luster to the face and evens the skin tone, by taking care of pigmentation anomalies
    • Turmeric improves blood circulation and helps to get rid of acne marks, blemishes and other dark spots on skin
    • Vitamin E protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays and helps in the reduction of dark spots, acne marks and scars.

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  • Vaddi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Bar Soap

    • Suitable for ALL Skin Types. Each Soap is 75 grams. 
    • ALL Naturals. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten. NO Alcohol.
    SKU - VBI237

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  • Vaddi Herbals Saffron Face Wash

    • Sandal seeps down the layers of the skin, soothing and moisturizing the skin in a way that it makes the skin soft.
    • Protects skin.
    • Herbal Face Wash by Vaadi. 
    SKU - VBI26201

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